Monday, November 4, 2013

Cool Factor

There are a few things I push my Son into because they're cool. It makes me feel like a good Mother.

Here's the main line up right now:

-Dinosaurs: No big questions why. Obviously they are the original cool.

Educational tools: Dinosaur Train, Stuffed Toy Story dinosaur, and "Have you seen my Dinosaur?" book by Dr. Seuss.

-Balls/Hockey Equipment: He's a boy, he'll play sports. His father loves hockey so he will play for at least a few years. Plus, balls and sticks are fun.

Educational Tools: Smurf hockey stick and puck, two spiderman balls, one Elmo mini-ball, and a cars and truck ball. He also has been watching sports since he was born.

Watching his cousin't tee-ball game with his Grampa.

-Legos: No brainer they were cool before cool existed.

Educational Tools: We're starting with the kid's stuff but I can't wait until he can play the real stuff. We have a lot of Lego blind package people and all of the Star Wars vehicles that I've seen while in line at Target. Which brings me to our next thing...

-Star Wars: I mean come on, how's he going to be a good director/actor if he doesn't have the deep love of Star Wars?

Educational Tools: Star Wars mini guys, Wookie backpack, Darth Vador Lego alarm clock, and soon he will start his cinematic education via movies and cartoons.

Best backpack ever! Thank you, Baby Gap.

It's a twofer.

-Music: I would love my son to be really musical. I think music is the rhythm of life and it's so important.

Educational Tools: We listen to the music we love and we listen to it often. We also play a bit of the drums and my old baby piano.

He loves the old piano my Grandma Reta gave to me when I was a child.

He's really good.

-Super Heros: Nothing is cooler than a super hero to a boy of any age. We're into the super hero cartoons and movies. Mike is a comic book guy. I like Batman, Mike likes Spiderman. We make it work.

Educational tool: Super hero guys from Criminal Records, shirts, pjs, Thor helmet, Captain America Shield (thanks to The Burns) and we've been to a Super hero Birthday party.

I think every parent defines it's child's definition of "cool", it's one of our biggest perks. I hope my choices make you smile.


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