Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I love shoes.

I quote I read went something like: A girl will never say she has too many shoes.
This truth is near and dear to my heart. I love shoes. I just love them.

So, I made a slideshow of some mine that I love the most. The song that accompanies it is "So Insane" by Discovery.

Two short videos that rock.

Watch these two videos and you will be happier.

Monday, October 28, 2013

How to make my Mac and Cheese grilled cheese.

I'm really into this new grilled cheese that I made for my son. He's a pretty picky eater so I try and add flavor without turning him off. My hope is one day he'll be a foodie like his father and I. Contrary to it's name there isn't Mac and Cheese in the sandwhich but, it has the M&C flavor both Escher and I love.

I start with bakery bread, mostly a Chicago style or Italian. My favorite places for bread are Publix bakery or the Dekalb farmers market. Grilled cheese actually works best if the bread is a least a day old so that it get a bit more of a crunch to it. So, here's my secret to "Mac and Cheese grilled cheese"- Trader Joe's "Pub Cheese". This spreadable tangy cheese is good for so many things. You can spread it on a baggette for a quick snack or you can dip you veggies in it. However, my favorite thing about this cheese is how gooy and delious it gets when melted. I feel a good complement to the Pub cheese is a munster (I use two slices). Munster also melts really well and does that stringy melty cheese thing that I like.

So here's how you make the simple yet delicious sandwich:

-Put your nonstick pan on the stove at medium heat to get warm while you prep your sandwich.

-Spread butter or margarin on one side of both pieces of bread.

-On one piece of your bread place it on your work surface butter down and spread about a tablespoon of Pub cheese on it.

-Put this piece of bread butter side down in your warm pan, place two slices of munster cheese on top of your spread of Pub cheese. Then place the other buttered piece of bread butter side out on top.

- Turn heat up slightly and don't touch it for a few minutes. To check if it's ready to flip I lift the corner up with my spatula and see if it's golden brown. When it is flip and smash down (not too much so that your cheese doesn't seep out).

-The second side doesn't take as long as the first so be ready.

And there you go. Super simple yet super delicious!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Public Atlas Project

This weekend my husband and I participated in the Wonderoot and Fallen Fruit's "Public Atlas Project". Each artist was given a location in the Cabbagetown/Reynoldstown area of Atlanta, Georgia to create a piece of artwork for. The artwork was printed and placed in a tube located in that spot. Participants picked up maps and walked the neighborhood collecting the art. When done with their collections the artwork was bond into an Atlas. It was a really cool project and I had a lot of fun being a part of this event.

This is the piece that I created for my location, Manigault Park.

This is my husband, Mike's project.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Get inside my head.

La Reshea Jones interviewed me for Doobious' "Local Artist Highlight" series.  I really like how it turned out!


Picture by La Reshea Jones.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Relationship with J.Crew

I love J.Crew clothes. They work well into my wardrobe, they have a good quality, and they have a good fit. However, I'm only wealthy enough to shop mostly their sales right now.  At J.Crew this isn't too much of a draw back because if you ever checked out their site or store you'll see there is always a lot to choose from. I have a few good tips to on shopping the Crew. Plus, I'll show you the pieces I'd like for this fall.

Since most of the time I'm with a two year old I don't get a lot of in-store shopping done before he's over it.  So, when have some time to actually try things on I test out their basics. This gives me an idea of which of their styles and colors look best on me. This also is a time to see what size fits you best (every store is slightly different).  I find that J. Crew is pretty consistent on their sizing which is especially helpful when shopping online. Just make sure to read the "description" of online purchases for descriptives on the article's fit. For example, now that I'm picking up a child all the time, "sit's low on the hip" is normally too low for me. I like a mid to high rise on my most of my pants.

My J. Crew basics are their vintage cotton v-neck tee shirts, their printed "popovers", their toothpick jeans, and their soft cashmere sweaters. So, when they are on great sale I snatch up my size. J. Crew is also a great store for some wild-card additions (things that make my wardrobe anything but basic). If you want a statement necklace this is your place. Fashion won't forget the explosion of the bobble necklace any time soon. I'm also a huge fan of the Lulu Frost jewelry they carry. On that note the "J. Crew in Good Company" section features all of the outside brands that J. Crew sells and all of them are great compliments to their clothing.

Then there are their shoes. They have so many styles, patterns, and colors I could probably go broke if I bought every shoe I want there. Below I made a very hard choice narrowing it down to three fall essentials.

So, in my perfect world here's what I would get from J. Crew for fall.

This is a seasonal item I would love as much off season. I need something to tote around my son's out-door toy (balls, shovel, pail, Octonauts) and I think this bag is the perfect size and material for that. 

I tried this dress on in black and I think it was one of the best looking shifts I ever tried on.  I waited and they ran out of the black but this bright blue is one of the best colors on me and completely on trend for fall. I'll probably through a tights and blazer on it in winter.

It's a good looking silk button down. It's basic and is also a perfect layer peice.

I love this bag for fall. It's slouchy but it has two strap options and a zipper.  It's pretty necessary.

I would feel like Kristen Dunst in the beautiful film "Mari Antoinette".

Yes, it's technically the same as the black shirt but, it has a completely different vibe to it due to the oxblood color. I would order the black one first, make sure I like the fit, and then order the other since they are final sale.

It's not a pricey addition but I always like a cute teeshirt. This one would also look adorable under a jacket.

I need a basic gold bangle set. These are not your "investment" bracelet but they will layer well with my higher end pieces.

The bracelett is an outfit maker. Black jeans and a white tee look dressy when you add this bracelet, some great heals and a bright lipstick.

I like studs if I have on a heavy or layer necklace on. These are a fun option. 

You need to see this necklace closeup to really appreciate it. The length is idea for a v neckline.

This is another wow piece. Just so you know I need jewelry and they are also a cheap way to change up the wardrobe you already have. 

I have a navy pair and they are so comfortable and versital. I wear a ton of grey and the wedge is good for carrying my son around.

I have stalked everything in this print. Truth be told I want them all. Not to mention the amazing price tag. I wold like this over skinny jeans or under a v neck cashmere sweater. I also can't wait to wear it next summer with shorts or as a bathing suit coverup.

On the mornings I don't have time to "perfect" my outfit I throw a lipstick color like this on and hope no one notices.

It's cashmere, chevron, and grey. Enough said.

This dress it pretty basic but definitely not boring. I would probably throw the black silk shirt above under it for a cool weather option. It would also look pretty hot with a black leather jacket, black tights, and black studded ankle booties. 

As it's getting cooler I like to just snuggle up in a sweatshirt.  I love that the fit of this makes it flattering and transitionl. It's adorable with jeans or a black skirt.
I'm a boot person. This one is lovely. I love that it has a small heel and the toe is a good fit for my foot.

Speaking of black skirts, this one is a shape that I don't already have and looks like it holds it's shape which is flattering.

Lastly, each year I like to buy a type of coat that I don't already have. This is a different silhouette and color for me yet it would work well with what I have. 

Things my Husband and I love about Nashville

Here are a few things that we like about Nashville, Tennessee.

These are from a trip we took a while back. We went for the Predator's game and made it a romantic weekend. Pictures are taken by husband, Mike, and I.

We are Predator fans. Well, Mike is so now I am too. 

This is why we come. 

I love wine. Mike may have taken this one as well but, it's a toss up.

I think I took this picture but I was coping a picture Mike took a while ago that I loved. His is still better.

No comment needed. 

It's where the fancy people bank.

I kinda wish we had bought this.


I could live in this house.

I think this is amazing. 

Didn't go to the show just liked the flyer. I also like the "fine goods" sign. Hmmm, "fine goods" huh?

I want this pan.

We brought a loaf home for my Parents as a "thank you for watching our baby" gift.

Mike's photo (I think).

Mmmmmm coffee.

This was my favorite thing I ate that trip.

I love when the sky looks like this.

Tree house: looks safe enough.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to thrift it. Thrift it real good.

My son and I at brunch with one of my best friends. I'm wearing a vintage 70's full-length, wool coat. 

I love the thrift store finds but, I'm picky when it  comes to my wardrobe. I like luxury as much as the next fashionista but, I also want something different. I try and find a few pieces that work well in my closet at my local thrift stores. I look for things currently on trend, to wild to pass up or, total classics. My favorite sections are belts, jackets, jeans, and specialty clothing (most have this). I love throwing a statement coat over some basics or adding a fun, vintage belt to a modern dress.

I feel I have cracked the code of successful thrift store shopping. First, you need time. As you know there seem to be endless racks of totally unrelated clothing filling the store. However, you do not have to physically touch every piece on the racks. Most stores have other helpful sorting methods. Most things are sorted by item and color. If you go into the hunt knowing what colors and silhouettes work for you it helps. Also, know some designers you like so you can just quickly go through tags. If you see a piece with a higher end label on it most likely it will stand the test of time better, have a better fit, and be more "modern" looking. 

Next, once you see a piece you like, give it a once over. I make sure there are no holes, no stains, the zipper it zips, and all the buttons are there. I hold it up to me to see if it appears to fit correctly and if the helm is at a length that looks good on me (not a deal breaker if not). A piece of clothing can always be altered but: 1.you can never make things bigger 2. It's best not to alter a garment too much size wise (my rule is one size bigger or under) 3. Know if you need to change out the zipper you will have to find another zipper that works with the garment (size and style wise). 

Lastly, I try everything on. I know some thrift store dressing rooms can be sketchy but, it's a must for me. Unless: I don't have time, it's so cheap I don't care if it up works or, It's a high end brand that I could sell (Ebay or Etsy are two great sites to sell used clothing but there are so many more options). I'd also like to note that not all thrift stores actually have dressing rooms so in this case try on jackets and easy to put on items but, don't be the weirdo trying on jeans in the isle. 

Well, I hope my thrifty skills help you.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Loft Love

I'm in the process of falling in love with the loft I live in. I moved in with my husband so it's started out being his place. Not the best way to start a life in a home. After the changes we've over the last three years I'm finally starting to have feelings for the improved Friedman Loft. I can walk places, we have a large shared yard off our patio and a large courtyard. It's actually maybe all I ever wanted in a loft. I won't say that one day I won't want a house but, for right now I'm so thankful for our lovely home.

Today, I took the dogs to our attached dog park. We had an amazing time.