Friday, February 28, 2014

Girl Crush Nikki Monninger

I love the band Silversun Pickups and at one of their concerts I also fell in love with their bassist Nikki Monninger. I think she's one of those girls that just has that "it".  I especially love her style. Rocking the perfect hair her style vibe is slightly retro and always adorable. Recently, she gave birth to twins and is sporting some hot denim in a Levi's add (my kind of momma). I think she screams cool girl who can hang with the boys.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Splash of Inspiration

Tonight, I re-watched Splash for like the millionth time. While it is definitely very "80's" Daryl Hannah's fresh faced style still manages to inspire me. I'm kinda thinking about wearing my hair crimped on my next night out.

This perfect cornflower blue Tahari dress on my eBay shop reminds of a modern-day Madison date night dress.

Monday, February 24, 2014


I'm now selling prints of my art work on Society6. Society6 is an affordable art site that offers prints, framed prints, t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, throw pillows, and now clocks from artist around the world. I'm extremely excited to be a part of this artist's community that possesses so much talent. Here a couple of artist on the site that I'm bananas about.



I only have a couple of things up so far but, there are more to come!

Here's my page Kaceesix:

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kacee's Curations

I have always loved fashion, in fact I may be a bit obsessed. So, my new business venture has been extremely fun and rewarding for me. I've started what I call Kacee's Curations. It's essentially a collection of new and used items that I'm selling on eBay and at the Marietta Queen of Hearts Antique store. I love thrift store finds for so many reasons but, it boils down to getting that special piece that nobody else has. You know, that amazing item that screams out your personality and makes you shine. Don't get me wrong I love the "new" things too but, I think it's so important to strike a balance in your wardrobe. So, while scouring the thrift stores, antique galleries, discount stores (I love T.J. Maxx) and estate sales I come across so many great items that I decided to share. So, check out my eBay store and for the more vintage-inspired items visit my booth (KPJP) "My Deer Little shop" for some great finds at great prices!

Here's some of the curated pieces I currently have up on eBay: