Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lana Time


Everyone, in the Friedman Loft knows that I'm crazy about Lana Del Rey's music. Her current album "Born to die" makes me nostalgic, happy, girly and soulful. Not to mention it's fun to dance to. I can hardly wait for her second album "Ultra Violence" (set to be released soon).

I also think this amazingly talented songstress is pretty hot. She was an obvious choice for the third illustration in my "Pop Atlanta" series. The Fox Theater seemed to be the perfect Atlanta location to feature this timeless beauty. The illustration below is called "Foxy Lolita". 

For those of you who haven't been exposed to her music I suggest you give her album a listen. Here's to the lovely Lana.

Foxy Lolita

Monday, March 3, 2014

Remix Art

I really connected with this Ted Talk I watched this weekend. Kirby Ferguson's thinks that all art is a remix. He argues that artist's copy-transform-and combine other works to form new exciting art. I have always found this to be true in my art.

I think it especially pertains to my collage pieces. My "Fashion Collages" can be seen as an intellectual property grey area but, I see it as a respectful remix. Many collages are made from old materials, which is the safest way to go from a legal perspective. While, retro looking collages quite fantastic, my style is decidedly modern. While these "Fashion Collages" are not a new concept I make them my own creation or remix if you will.

My heart is in creating these works because I love the material I'm working with (mostly fashion magazine cut-outs). For me, fashion magazines are not just something to flip through while watching the evening news they are my part time job. I pour over every magazine that I can get my hands on and awe over the beautiful wearable art. During my very difficult pregnancy I was unable to do more than sit on the couch and flip their pages. I would day dream fitting into "normal-sized" clothes again.

After the pregnancy I was one of the many women who developed postpartum depression and started seeing a counselor. My wonderful counselor helped me with many things but, the best thing she told me was to "do something for myself". Without the creative outlet that was my work for so many years I needed something else creative to fill the void. I have always been artsy so it made sense to pick up the paint brush again.

So, while being a stay at home mother to my amazing son and two gorgeous Cavalier King Charles I also became an artist. My first works came from the same magazines that had got me through some extremely dark times. Since then I have incorporated illustrations (easiest to do around my son), paintings, and collaborative works. However, the Fashion Collages will always be the closest to my heart.

Thank you, to everyone who supported me in this journey! Especially, the women who brought me back to my creative, happy and blessed self.

Start your week off right and be thankful for everything you will have time to accomplish in the upcoming days.


My first "Fashion Collage".