Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kacee's list of must have at an event.

I think there is a lot to be said for a blank palette when prepping for an event. I like to start with an organized, clean house. I lay out the things all the things I'll be using. This way I won't forget anything and I can see how everything works together. There a few things that I try and always incorporate into my overall theme: flowers, food, streamers, an entrance, a gift, and lighting. I sometimes have a theme before I start gathering things and sometimes I only have a color or an occasion that I'm working with.

If I had my way we would always have flowers in the house, so I definitely will not have an event without them.  I usually get mine from Trader Joes because they have a good selection for a reasonable prices. They also have season themed bouquets that work if you're going small or as a color starter if you're going big but don't know where to start. My cabinet is filled with vases and pots for flowers but sometime I use something less expected like a mason jar.

Food is important but, that doesn't mean that you need to use your whole budget on it. When on a budget it's nice to think simple or ask guests to bring something. Most of the time I decide on the main dish or food theme and add that information to my invite. I've learned from my Mother that a lasagna or baked ziti is a low price option to feed a larger party but, most time I start with a couple of things I have on hand. There should always be fruits and veggies (I don't think I need to explain myself on that one). Some of my staples: deviled eggs, bread, cheese, salad, hummus, strawberries, grapes, and a veggie plater. Lastly, always have desert. Either you make it, buy it, or have someone bring it. It's an event people want the option of desert.

Streamers are fun thing to add to any event. I will admit most of the time I won't use them for a simple dinner partys. However, they are essential for Birthdays and great for Holidays. I love streaming them all the way down the wall (twist them as you go). This makes a great entrance and a cool spot for photos. Recently, I used streamers on self-made napkin rings and to wrap a glass jar holding silverware. Go crazy, streamers are the funnest party decoration!

An entrance just means when people walk into the event there is a little something of interest (theme related) to greet them. Like I mentioned, a streamer wall is cool but  it could be as simple as a sign on the door or a themed door mat. We currently have a paper pumpkin on our door and "caution" tape down our hallway for Halloween.

I love gifts, I like to give them at my events. It can be a goody bag (great for both kids and adults), something you have crafted, or even baked goods.

Lighting is important. It sets the mood of your event. Most daytime parties are bright and night time parties feel intimate with lower lights and the addition of candles. I also like an outdoor occasion by fire light every now and again.

Remember any event that you host should feel like you. Unless it's a Wedding shower, Baby shower, or someone else's Birthday. In those cases it should always be about them ;) Happy hosting.

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