Monday, November 18, 2013

Business Cards

I just received my new mini-cards from I love them! I choose a package using my own photos and cropped in on five of my recent collages. They're way cooler than regular business cards. Here's five reasons why:

1. Being able to put my artwork on the card allow those I hand it to have a sample of my work. Being an artist, I find this to be pretty handy.

2. I can ask the person I giving it to which card they prefer. Since, each of the five cards is a bit different it gives me feel for their ascetic. Maybe, I have a similar piece or one in the same series that he or she might like?

3. They are super luxe (it even says so in the product name). The mini-cards have a heavy paper weight and feel expensive. You can also add a custom stripe through the center of your cards. I have a bright blue stripe running through mine, it's awesome. (Not seem in picture)

4. Everyone has a place to tuck a mini card. Ladies may have a small clutch. It makes sense.

5. They are unusual. People remember unusual things.

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