Sunday, December 8, 2013

Postcard Pin-Up Show at Mint Gallery

Word is, this is the seventh year of the Postcard Pin-Up Show. Mike and I both entered four postcards and I'm so pleased with how the our work and the show turned out. A lot of artist participated in this eclectic Pin-Up Show. Each bringing 1-4 small art pieces and pinning them on the walls with clear thumb tacks. Each artist choose how much of their profits they wanted to donate to Mint gallery.

Styles varied and I felt everyone did an amazing job. The art felt special and original. It was interesting to see how each artist worked with the size restraint (no bigger than 5x7) and represented their styles through such small works. Both Mike and I used blank postcards, watercolor paint and mixed media. Mike used his rad graphic skills to create the his eight bit creations. My pieces were created with fashion magazine cut-outs; each piece having at least five-eight layers to add depth to the outdoor "scenes".

Some friends met us for the show and afterward a yummy meal at Cafe 640. It was an amazing and blessed night. A big thank you to everyone who came to the show and supported Mint Gallery (a very cool place). Also, a big shout out to my parents for watching our baby man for the night.

My lovely husband, Mike.

Someone looking at our art. 

My art.

Are art sat next to each other at the show.

Mike's art.
Me and two very talented, artist lady-friends.

Lovely friends who celebrated one year together yesterday.

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