Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to thrift it. Thrift it real good.

My son and I at brunch with one of my best friends. I'm wearing a vintage 70's full-length, wool coat. 

I love the thrift store finds but, I'm picky when it  comes to my wardrobe. I like luxury as much as the next fashionista but, I also want something different. I try and find a few pieces that work well in my closet at my local thrift stores. I look for things currently on trend, to wild to pass up or, total classics. My favorite sections are belts, jackets, jeans, and specialty clothing (most have this). I love throwing a statement coat over some basics or adding a fun, vintage belt to a modern dress.

I feel I have cracked the code of successful thrift store shopping. First, you need time. As you know there seem to be endless racks of totally unrelated clothing filling the store. However, you do not have to physically touch every piece on the racks. Most stores have other helpful sorting methods. Most things are sorted by item and color. If you go into the hunt knowing what colors and silhouettes work for you it helps. Also, know some designers you like so you can just quickly go through tags. If you see a piece with a higher end label on it most likely it will stand the test of time better, have a better fit, and be more "modern" looking. 

Next, once you see a piece you like, give it a once over. I make sure there are no holes, no stains, the zipper it zips, and all the buttons are there. I hold it up to me to see if it appears to fit correctly and if the helm is at a length that looks good on me (not a deal breaker if not). A piece of clothing can always be altered but: 1.you can never make things bigger 2. It's best not to alter a garment too much size wise (my rule is one size bigger or under) 3. Know if you need to change out the zipper you will have to find another zipper that works with the garment (size and style wise). 

Lastly, I try everything on. I know some thrift store dressing rooms can be sketchy but, it's a must for me. Unless: I don't have time, it's so cheap I don't care if it up works or, It's a high end brand that I could sell (Ebay or Etsy are two great sites to sell used clothing but there are so many more options). I'd also like to note that not all thrift stores actually have dressing rooms so in this case try on jackets and easy to put on items but, don't be the weirdo trying on jeans in the isle. 

Well, I hope my thrifty skills help you.


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