Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Things my Husband and I love about Nashville

Here are a few things that we like about Nashville, Tennessee.

These are from a trip we took a while back. We went for the Predator's game and made it a romantic weekend. Pictures are taken by husband, Mike, and I.

We are Predator fans. Well, Mike is so now I am too. 

This is why we come. 

I love wine. Mike may have taken this one as well but, it's a toss up.

I think I took this picture but I was coping a picture Mike took a while ago that I loved. His is still better.

No comment needed. 

It's where the fancy people bank.

I kinda wish we had bought this.


I could live in this house.

I think this is amazing. 

Didn't go to the show just liked the flyer. I also like the "fine goods" sign. Hmmm, "fine goods" huh?

I want this pan.

We brought a loaf home for my Parents as a "thank you for watching our baby" gift.

Mike's photo (I think).

Mmmmmm coffee.

This was my favorite thing I ate that trip.

I love when the sky looks like this.

Tree house: looks safe enough.

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