Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Relationship with J.Crew

I love J.Crew clothes. They work well into my wardrobe, they have a good quality, and they have a good fit. However, I'm only wealthy enough to shop mostly their sales right now.  At J.Crew this isn't too much of a draw back because if you ever checked out their site or store you'll see there is always a lot to choose from. I have a few good tips to on shopping the Crew. Plus, I'll show you the pieces I'd like for this fall.

Since most of the time I'm with a two year old I don't get a lot of in-store shopping done before he's over it.  So, when have some time to actually try things on I test out their basics. This gives me an idea of which of their styles and colors look best on me. This also is a time to see what size fits you best (every store is slightly different).  I find that J. Crew is pretty consistent on their sizing which is especially helpful when shopping online. Just make sure to read the "description" of online purchases for descriptives on the article's fit. For example, now that I'm picking up a child all the time, "sit's low on the hip" is normally too low for me. I like a mid to high rise on my most of my pants.

My J. Crew basics are their vintage cotton v-neck tee shirts, their printed "popovers", their toothpick jeans, and their soft cashmere sweaters. So, when they are on great sale I snatch up my size. J. Crew is also a great store for some wild-card additions (things that make my wardrobe anything but basic). If you want a statement necklace this is your place. Fashion won't forget the explosion of the bobble necklace any time soon. I'm also a huge fan of the Lulu Frost jewelry they carry. On that note the "J. Crew in Good Company" section features all of the outside brands that J. Crew sells and all of them are great compliments to their clothing.

Then there are their shoes. They have so many styles, patterns, and colors I could probably go broke if I bought every shoe I want there. Below I made a very hard choice narrowing it down to three fall essentials.

So, in my perfect world here's what I would get from J. Crew for fall.

This is a seasonal item I would love as much off season. I need something to tote around my son's out-door toy (balls, shovel, pail, Octonauts) and I think this bag is the perfect size and material for that. 

I tried this dress on in black and I think it was one of the best looking shifts I ever tried on.  I waited and they ran out of the black but this bright blue is one of the best colors on me and completely on trend for fall. I'll probably through a tights and blazer on it in winter.

It's a good looking silk button down. It's basic and is also a perfect layer peice.

I love this bag for fall. It's slouchy but it has two strap options and a zipper.  It's pretty necessary.

I would feel like Kristen Dunst in the beautiful film "Mari Antoinette".

Yes, it's technically the same as the black shirt but, it has a completely different vibe to it due to the oxblood color. I would order the black one first, make sure I like the fit, and then order the other since they are final sale.

It's not a pricey addition but I always like a cute teeshirt. This one would also look adorable under a jacket.

I need a basic gold bangle set. These are not your "investment" bracelet but they will layer well with my higher end pieces.

The bracelett is an outfit maker. Black jeans and a white tee look dressy when you add this bracelet, some great heals and a bright lipstick.

I like studs if I have on a heavy or layer necklace on. These are a fun option. 

You need to see this necklace closeup to really appreciate it. The length is idea for a v neckline.

This is another wow piece. Just so you know I need jewelry and they are also a cheap way to change up the wardrobe you already have. 

I have a navy pair and they are so comfortable and versital. I wear a ton of grey and the wedge is good for carrying my son around.

I have stalked everything in this print. Truth be told I want them all. Not to mention the amazing price tag. I wold like this over skinny jeans or under a v neck cashmere sweater. I also can't wait to wear it next summer with shorts or as a bathing suit coverup.

On the mornings I don't have time to "perfect" my outfit I throw a lipstick color like this on and hope no one notices.

It's cashmere, chevron, and grey. Enough said.

This dress it pretty basic but definitely not boring. I would probably throw the black silk shirt above under it for a cool weather option. It would also look pretty hot with a black leather jacket, black tights, and black studded ankle booties. 

As it's getting cooler I like to just snuggle up in a sweatshirt.  I love that the fit of this makes it flattering and transitionl. It's adorable with jeans or a black skirt.
I'm a boot person. This one is lovely. I love that it has a small heel and the toe is a good fit for my foot.

Speaking of black skirts, this one is a shape that I don't already have and looks like it holds it's shape which is flattering.

Lastly, each year I like to buy a type of coat that I don't already have. This is a different silhouette and color for me yet it would work well with what I have. 

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