Monday, April 21, 2014

eBay Collections

I've recently started to sell on eBay. It's currently a small collection of mid to high end items from my closet or that I have found while thrifting. Everything is in very good to like new condition at great prices.

While I have been working on this "shop" I have seen a lot of amazing deals. As many of you know I'm really into fashion and I'm a sucker for a deal on high fashion item. My personal shopping philosophy is to buy what you can afford. While right now I may not be able to afford to buy designer I can buy designer on eBay. I think mixing well made, high-end items and one of a kind vintage statement pieces creates a dynamic wardrobe.

It's a lot like the thrift store in that you never know what you're going to find but, better because it involves a search engine instead of looking through endless racks. Also, if you know what you want you can favorite a search set up so that if that item gets listed you're notified.

I favorite searches for designers and things that I like and check my feed often. Since, I'm already on eBay looking at pricing and researching the market I have started to really add to my "Collections". "Collections" is where you save and organize eBay listings that you like. I've started with just a few categories but, my lists grow by the day. Some of the items you'll see the most in my Collections are designer shoes (especial Prada), designer clothes, designer accessories (especially purses), J. Crew (one of my favorite retailers) and, great vintage finds.

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Have an amazing day!

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