Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting Real with our Closets

Sometimes we have to "get real" with our closets. I'm not just talking to the ladies out there, gentlemen. Everyone, once a season needs to go through their stuff and look at what you're working with. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and I'm changing over to sandals. I drag out the "boot wearing season" every year because they're one of my favorite things. However, the time has come to say fair well to those gold studded ankle booties, those Ralph Lauren ridding boots, and those new brown lace-ups.

Okay, now down to the dirty stuff. I can't allow myself to fall into my Grandmother's path of being a semi-hoarder. I try and always keep what works and put the rest back out into the universe. So, in times of wardrobe transition I take a hard look at the things that I'm transitioning in and store the things that I'm taking out. This way I can evaluate if an item works in my current closet. Also, going through only half of your stuff is a little less daunting.

Most importantly, I keep it real. Do I wear it, does it fit, do I love it, and does it work with what I currently have. Yes, I know we have heard it all before but, you must above all be firm and strict with these answers.  Don't dream up "events" that will suddenly make this shift dress relevant. Just face the fact that it's kind of itchy.

Lastly, feel good about putting your things back out there. Don't dwell on the lose. Think of the person who will end up with your Ninja Turtle shirt from 10th grade. It will get to live a new life with someone who loves it. I know I'm sounding a bit dramatic but, if you didn't have feelings for the item then it would have already left your life.

Well, Happy Spring (and spring cleaning)! I hope this blog was the kick in the pants to some of you needed.

My cherished shoe shelf.


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